Cyrellians are an alien species from the Chidlren of Dust.

Biology Edit

The Cyrellians are strange luminescent beings with misshapen heads, large dark eyes, and long spindly fingers. Cyrellians didn’t have lips, just a small slit to put food in and get words out.

History Edit

In the past, the Cyrellians attempted to overthrow the Intergalactic Federation Council and failed. As punishment they were banned from inhabiting any worlds in the Tron Three Galaxy. The Cyrellians were then forced to relocate to the Milky Way Galaxy, where they discovered Earth.

Years after Earth suffered a nuclear holocaust that wiped out three-fourths of the population and reducing it to a barren wasteland.

Civilization ceased to exist and total anarchy reigned supreme. The survivors of this period called themselves the Children of Dust. Aid came from the unlikely source in the form of visitors to the planet.

The Cyrellians offered to aid the Children of Dust, giving them technology to restore their world to its former glory. Humanity fell under the guidance of the Cyrellians who believed in their benevolence. Though a small factor of malcontents refused to trust their otherworlders. Eventually this small group of rebels vanished and were never heard from again.

The Cyrellians gained the trust of humanity, but unbeknowest to their charges, the Cyrellians began to exploiting them. Conducting invasive medical experiments and even selling humans offworld as pets or animals to other alien species in the Tron Three Galaxy.

Culture Edit

The Cyrellians are actually a race of notorious planet destroyers.

Appearances Edit

  • The Zoo by Eve Vaughn (2007)
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