Alien Species

The Cybiota (or Cybyota) are a phylum of organisms descended from an ancient alien terraforming swarm. Around 13 million years ago, a single probe ship from an unknown location arrived in the Orion Arm, and seeded an Earth-like world with biological terraforming organisms. The civilisation which originally sent this probe has never visited the region or made contact in any other way, and may now be extinct.

The species known as Jeepers arose seven million years ago, from a widespread genus of GP (general purpose) maintenance morphs that were equipped with large biological brains in the anterior part of their body. Like all Cybotan species, the Jeepers are linked to other species in the biosphere by infra-red data-links, and can transfer memories and skills to each other directly through these links. However other forms of data transmission are also used in Jeeper communication, and the species has developed a complex culture and mythology.


Mik's Planet, one of the Cybiotan worlds

The Jeepers had developed a number of belief systems based around the mysterious race that sent the first seedship to this world,a race they called the Originators or Original Makers. The Jeepers have long been searching for details about these Makers who sent the first seedship; this quest is a major driving force behind the Jeeper exploration of space. Some versions of the belief system held that the Originators would one day come to claim their world (which the Jeepers called the Seed, or Seedworld); when humans first reached them they believed that the Originators had at last arrived.