Cybertron is a massive robotic living world, the home planet of the Cybertronians, and formerly used as a factory world by the corrupt Quintessons. It is ostensibly the body of the Cybertronian creator god, and Lord of the Light Gods, Primus.


As a rogue planet, Cybertron doesn't orbit a sun. Its present location is in the outer Sol System, having been formerly located in the Alpha Centauri System. It is orbited by three moons: Moonbase 1, Moonbase 2 and Unicron. It's regarded as a terrestrial planet, with an atmosphere breathable for natives, and its primary terrains include metallic wastelands, deep canyons, acid swamps, spires, subterranean caves and subterranean cities.

Notable locations include Iacon, Kaon, Polyhex, Cybertronopolis, Darkmount, the Sonic canyons, the Acid Swamps, the Cybertron Speedway, the Caves, the Plasma Energy Chamber, Tyger Pax.

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