"A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 'Nuff said."

-Doom II instruction manual

Technically speaking, the Demons of doom are not Aliens; However, due to their demonic-pilgrim like behavior of assimilating earth's culture, they do not behave like typical demons either despite being from biblical hell. It could be postulated that after an eternity of punishing bad folks, they want something fresh and new.

The Cyberdemon, along with the Spidermind, is a very large cybernetic demon that acted as one of the Generals in charge of leading the invasion of Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos. These monstrosities are extremely powerful and seem to have been created through the use of horrifying genetic, cyber, and biological manipulations to their physical form. The appearance of the Cyberdemons is rather menacing, they are very tall, have a rocket launcher surgically attached to their left arm, a robotic right leg, a wired midsection, and a muscular upper body.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Final cyberdemon--article image

A Cyberdemon during combat.

The Cyberdemon is an extremely powerful enemy in combat, defeating it is very hard without a large amount of ammunition Melee combat against this beast is suicide due to the amount of hits it would take to destroy the Cyberdemon and also the fast speed of the demon's rocket projectiles. The Cyberdemon can only be hurt by direct hits of a weapon, blast damage does not affect it. The Cyberdemon will fire off a rocket almost as soon as the first one has left, one hit from one of these rockets will cause critical injury. A fight against a Cyberdemon is going to be a long one.
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