Cyber Squids
General Information
Homeworld Encephalonus IV
Height Squid-like
Locomotion None
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Cyber Squids are a species from the planet Encephalonus IV.


Cyber Squids are mechanical squid-like creatures. They possess six mechanical tentacles with line patterns, two of the tentacles have pitchfork-shaped tips with two spikes. On the bottom of their bodies are mechanical beaks. They have glassy, glowing cyan heads with white lines that represent circuits. Below the head is what appears to be a purple 'eye'.

In Vilgax Attacks, their color scheme has changed from grey and cyan to reddish orange and aqua. Their tentacles are shorter and their heads are stubbier. On top of their head is a reddish orange extension.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They are fast swimmers, have flight capabilities and can create electric force fields.


They first appeared in the episode They Lurk Below, when they attacked an underwater hotel to steal back an energy orb that they created.

They also appear as enemies in the video game Vilgax Attacks.

They also appeared in the online video game Power Splash.

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