Cultist(Endless Legends)
General Information
Homeworld Auriga
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Cultists or the Cultists of the Eternal End are a religious faction of machine fanatics in Endless Legends.

History Edit

This mysterious cult is led by two creations that are the remnants of the Endless: The Queen, imprisoned within her indestructible throne in the capital city, and the Unspoken, a wandering - and perhaps insane - being of enormous power.

Left alone on the planet for millennia, they have turned against their creators and sworn to destroy every trace of their existence.

Culture Edit

The Cult maintains a single city where the Queen is entombed in her indestructible throne. Its power, therefore, is projected across Auriga through proselytization and conversion, when the faithful followers and heroes of the Cult convince other, lesser peoples to join their cause.

The Cultists then recruit, train, and arm these converts from the tribes and vagrants that live scattered across the surface of Auriga. Regardless of where they are or to whom they have previously sworn allegiance, when a tribe turns to the Cult it does so until its death.

Monolithic, fanatic, and ever-expanding, the Cult of the Eternal End will spare no effort, cost, or sacrifice to see that its will is done.

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