The Cuddlefish is a small social herbivore found on 4546B. They can be tamed and only five of their eggs are found in the Crater.

Biology Edit

The Cuddlefish is a rotund, aquatic creature with two small fins and five tentacles around its rear. They have slightly bulging eyes and several small teeth. A white arrow runs along the back of the creature.

Behavior Edit

As their name implies, the cuddlefish is a social creature that enjoys being around company, cuddlefish or otherwise. They can be fed small treats and enjoy being pet.

Notes Edit

  • It is suggested that they are not native to 4546B, but may have been imported from another world
  • They have the intelligence of dolphins, a creature extinct in the world of Subnautica.
  • Only five eggs exist in the Crater, however it is unclear whether more of them exist on the rest of the planet or not.
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