Alien Species

The Ctarl-Ctarl are a race of human-like anthropomorphs usually pictured as feline. They're from the eponymous planet located in the Milky Way.

They have superior senses and can shape-shift into a half-human, half-beast form, which they will do when angered or threatened, although how they do this is unknown.


Aisha -- Beast Form

A Ctarl-Ctarl beast form.

Being evolved from cats instead of apes, they have sensitive hearing and sense of smell. They resemble Humans, except for their long, furry ears. Most have chocolate-brown skin and snow blonde hair. They can also change into beast-like forms, but these are kept in check because they are somewhat less than sane during these transformations, and shape-shifting requires a massive amount of energy to sustain. They will often eat a huge meal soon after a transformation. The strength of their shifted form is linked to lunar cycles. The two known ways to kill a Ctarl-Ctarl is to crush the skull, or expose them to extremes of pressure and/or temperature. It's been also mentioned they can starve to death as well.

Culture and society[]

Their social structure seems to be completely meritocratic. Jobs are given based on ability, regardless of lineage, gender, or popularity. They are also very proud and are easily angered. Lower-ranked Ctarl-Ctarl have an annoying habit of chanting their orders and battle-cries; always in perfect unison.


Only one dish is known, a foul smelling stew supposed to grant high strength, and known to work for Humans as well as Ctarl-Ctarl.

Ctarl-Ctarl also profess to eat other sapient species.


The main religion seems to be monotheistic, with the supreme being referred to simply as "god". However, to differentiate between their religion and judeo-christanity, they usually add "of all Ctarl-Ctarl".


When humanity first encountered the Ctarl-Ctarl, the latter had amassed a great empire. Human expansion and Ctarl-Ctarl imperialism led to conflict. However, after a very long time, they decided to conquer each other with goods instead of outright hostility. Relations have progressed to a state where some will even take jobs as strippers or waiters on Human held colonies. They have been searching for a location known as the "Galactic Leyline", and dispatched the disgraced ambassador Aisha Clan-Clan to seek out its location. However, when they finally did find the place, the lack of a biological navigator resulted in the ship quickly fleeing the system, its crew all but insane and its structure damaged.