Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Tallon IV
Diet Carnivorous (Scavenger)
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Crystallites are a species of moderately-sized, non-aggressive insectoid indigenous to the Phendrana Drifts of the former Chozo colony world, Tallon IV. They are territorial cold-weather scavengers, likely having adapted their territoriality due to the somewhat sparse food supply in the drifts. As such, they have powerful pincers both for defended themselves as well as for gleaning flesh from carcasses to feed from. Another form of defense however is formed during their larval stage: when born, they live in ice caverns, where they hang upside-down to allow moisture to run off of their body, slowly creating a thick, icy shell to form on their backside, which stays with them their entire life henceforth. This process follows that of the formation of cavern stalactites. It is of note to the curious viewer that a pair of yellow eyes can just be seen peeking out from underneath their shell.

Adult Crystallites can be found either roaming the drifts (likely in search for food) or within caverns (likely either using it as a den of sorts or depositing their eggs for the next generation of Crystallites).

A pair of Crystallites.

Adventurers and Hunters alike can take note that should they find themselves blocked off, impeded, or otherwise in an unsatisfactory occurrence with these organisms, the icy shell is - as one would naturally suspect it to be - very susceptible to explosive weaponry such as missiles and plasma beam technology will instantaneously melt it away. However, both of these techniques will kill the creature in the process, and so care should be taken when encountering them.