Crystalline Entity (Chronicle)

The Crystalline Entity is an apparent alien life form that appeared on Earth in the 2012 'found footage' movie, Chronicle.

Although it's not clear how the entity came to Earth, it's assumed it fell from the sky like a meteorite. However, instead of a large impact crater, there was only a small hole with a long tunnel leading underground. Due to the creature's size when it was later found, it may have been in a juvenile state when it arrived and grown since then.

Due to their interaction with the 'creature', three boys - Steve, his friend Matt and Matt's cousin Andrew - gained telekinetic powers. However, the fate of the crystalline entity remains unknown.


The boys around the edge of the hole.

The boys around the edge of the hole.

The Entity's existence is first discovered when a group of students at a rave discover a hole nearby that is emitting a loud noise every so often. Among the group are Steve (a member of the group who is quite popular and trying to become school president) and his friend Matt. Upon Matt's request, Steve goes back to the rave to find Matt's cousin Andrew - a shy and socially awkward boy who has issues at school and at home, and who has started to record everything he does on a video camera. Meeting Andrew outside the rave following an incident with a man whose girlfriend Andrew was recording, Steve convinces him to come to the hole and bring his video camera to record 'the thing'.

The boys inside the tunnel.

The boys inside the cave.

When they arrive back, only Matt is at the hole as everyone else has left. Coming to the edge of the hole, the boys once again hear the noise and - after a short while - Steve decides to go inside the hole to try and find out what is making the sound. He is followed by Matt and - reluctantly - by Andrew. Inside, the boys head further into the cave - climbing through a tunnel which is uneven and stretches down for at least 20 feet. Although both Steve and Matt are excited and intrigued to find out what is inside the hole, Andrew is uncomfortable and simply wants to get out as quickly as possible as the confined space and the 'bad air' is causing him to panic and struggle to breathe.

The boys investigate the Entity.

The boys investigate the Entity.

Soon enough, the boys come across the entity - which appears in a starfish shape with multiple crystals coming off it, while the entity itself brightens and fades with a bright blue light. Matt and Steve are both amazed and curious although Andrew quickly shows he is scared. The Entity continues to make its noise, which is much louder inside the cave and cause the boys to cover their ears. The Entity also begins to affect Andrew's camera - causing the video and audio to temporarily mess up, although Matt tells Andrew he will buy him a new camera when Andrew brings this up. Both Matt and Steve let their curiosity take over and inspect the crystalline entity.

The final image before Andrew's camera cuts out.

The final image of the Entity before Andrew's camera cuts out.

As Andrew records the boys, he watches in amazement as the entity - which is shown to have 'vines' moving inside the crystal - seems to draw beads of sweat from Steve's forehead towards it through unknown means. Not long after this, the entity changes color from blue to red - which only amazes Matt and Steve more although Andrew's camera again begins to mess up, with him been unable to hear Matt over the noise the entity is making. The Entity then appears to become hostile, as Steve's nose all of a sudden starts to bleed. As Andrew is taking this in and still recording, Matt is suddenly thrown backwards by an unseen force as Steve collapses to the floor. As Andrew calls out to him, he is also thrown backwards and screams before his camera cuts out.

The hole having sunk in on itself.

The hole - having sunk in on itself.

Three weeks later, it is revealed that all three boys managed to make it out of the cave - having since developed the power of telekinesis as a result of their interaction with the creature and have begun to practice it (with Matt having bought Andrew a new camera as his old one was left behind in the cave). Trying to figure out what happened to them that resulted in the trio getting the power in the first place, the boys headed back to the location of the hole. However, the hole had sunk in and collapsed on itself - thus preventing them from getting back in. Furthermore, a police officer tells them to move along as the ground is apparently unstable and so the police are taping the whole area off.

Following the events of the film, Matt makes a promise that he will find out what happened to them in the cave.


According to the script for the failed Chronicle sequel Martyr, the Crystalline Entity would have made a return and would be been studied by the government. The entity - nicknamed "Mogo" by Matt - is described in the script as been much bigger than before and having a 'face', although the face does not resemble that of any creature on Earth. [1]


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