A species of space borne silicon base lifeforms, these Crystalline Entities have no definitive name only that they are dangerous and should not be trifled with.


This species comes in three different shape and sizes. From small corvette size younglings to Elders that rival battleships in size. It could be assumed that given its home is in space,there could be even larger subjects waiting to be discovered. Alluding to its name, Crystalline Entities are made out of a crystal like compound made from silicon. It is unknown how they reproduce but young crystals are seen congregating around a large crystalline object(or organism?) known as the Crystal Nidus. This Crystal Nidus seems to be the central hub of all crystalline activity in the occupied system and will defend it to the very last core. Despite being hostile they can be tamed or pacified and will then allow that empire or nation to travel through its systems un-assaulted. Nations and empires that actively hunt these Entities use their "corpses" to reinforce their ships armor.

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