"Crystal Shrimp" are worm-like creatures of unknown origin that had infested the Lunar Sea Spire.



The Crystal Shrimp are small creatures comprised of four light blue segments, the first of which contains a pink pentagonal mouth. Each of the segments also contain white crystal shards fashioned into spikes with the first and last segment containing only one and the second and third containing two each, one shard on each side of the segments.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Crystal Shrimp's shards are deadly enough for Pearl to make a convoluted plan that avoids physical contact with them. Despite not having eyes, they were able to sense the bagels that Steven threw and swarmed towards them, ignoring the Crystal Gems afterwards.

Notes Edit

It is unknown what happened to the Crystal Shrimp after the Lunar Sea Spire was destroyed; however, due to them seemingly being aquatic, it is likely that they survived.

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