Crystal Gems

The Crystal Gems are the self-proclaimed guardians of the Earth. The title, Crystal Gem, is what distinguishes them from the rest of their kind.

Known Members Edit

  • Steven Universe: The half-human son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz. He can summon a shield that once belonged to his mother.
  • Rose Quartz: Steven's mother and the former leader of the Crystal Gems, originally known as Pink Diamond.
  • Garnet: A permanent fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, and the current de facto leader of the group. She wields a pair of gauntlets.
    • Ruby: A hotheaded Ruby who is in a romantic relationship with Sapphire.
    • Sapphire: A calm and collected Sapphire who is in a romantic relationship with Ruby.
  • Amethyst: A care-free Quartz of Amethyst variety. She wields a three-tailed whip.
  • Pearl: The original second-in-command and a Pearl. She wields a spear/trident.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A Lapis Lazuli who can control water and generating a pair of wings made of water for flight.
  • Peridot: A Peridot that specializes in gem-based technology and possess magnetic powers.
  • Bismuth: A Bismuth blacksmith who created all the weapons to the Crystal Gem's army. She regularly uses shapeshifting as her weapon.
  • Biggs Jasper: A recently cured Quartz of Jasper variety.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: A recently cured Crystal Gem of unknown variety.
  • Crazy Lace Agate: A Quartz of Agate variety; current status unknown.
  • Tiger's Eye: A recently cured Crystal Gem; presumably a Quartz.
  • Larimar: A recently cured Crystal Gem; possibly the same character as the Snow Monster.
  • Beryl: A recently cured Crystal Gem.
  • Serpentine: A recently cured Crystal Gem.

Known Gem Fusions Edit

  • Opal: A tall and slender Gem formed by Amethyst and Pearl who wields a bow.
  • Sugilite: A gigantic and bulky oni-like Gem formed by Garnet and Amethyst who wields a flail.
  • Sardonyx: A tall and slender, talk show host-like Gem formed by Garnet and Pearl who wields a war hammer.
  • Alexandrite: A tall six-armed giant formed by Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl who wields all of their regular and fused weapons.
  • Rainbow Quartz: A fusion of Rose Quartz and Pearl.

Known Gem/Human Hybrid FusionsEdit

  • Stevonnie: A fusion of Steven and Connie, the first ever fusion between gem and human.
  • Steg: A muscular, masculine fusion of Steven and Greg.
  • Smoky Quartz: A large, darkly-colored Gem with a wide build formed by Steven and Amethyst who wields a yo-yo.
  • Rainbow Quartz 2.0: A masculine version of Rainbow Quartz formed by Steven and Pearl who wields an umbrella.
  • Sunstone: A buff-looking Gem with muscular upper arms, skinny lower arms, and a sun-like head formed by Steven and Garnet who wields a pair of suction cup gloves.
  • Obsidian: A black, volcanic-looking eight-armed behemoth formed by Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven who wields a smoldering katana. The original version of Obsidian featured Rose Quartz in place of Steven.

Allies Edit

  • Greg Universe: Steven's father and Pink/Rose's human husband.
  • Connie Maheswaran: Steven's human best friend
  • Lion: Steven's pet lion
  • Diamond Authority: Former enemies of the Crystal Gems who are now absolved.
  • Cured Gems: Formerly corrupted Gems currently living in "Little Homeworld", a settlement on Earth run by Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot.
  • Off-Colors: A group of defective Gems and Gem Fusions currently living on Earth, presumably in "Little Homeworld".

Enemies Edit

When though the Crystal Gems commonly fight corrupted Gems, their greatest enemies are Homeworld Gems, Gems affiliated with the planet Homeworld that are led by the matriarchal body of the Great Diamond Authority. As of "Change Your Mind", many have absolved alongside their masters. Notable Homeworld Gems include:

Insignia Edit

Each member wears a star symbol somewhere on their clothing - this likely existing as an indicator of one's role as a Crystal Gem.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • All of the Crystal Gems' weapons (including Steven's shield) have the same color scheme as their gem.
  • It is revealed in "Steven the Sword Fighter" that Crystal Gems retreat to their gem and lose their physical form when badly injured. It is unknown how long it usually takes for Crystal Gems to regenerate as Pearl's regeneration took about two weeks. Also, when Crystal Gems regenerate their bodies, they can get a new outfit as shown in the aforementioned episode.
  • Rebecca Sugar confirmed that each of the major Crystal Gems is based off of one the stages of the human emotional development spectrum.
    • Steven is codependent. Common on most children. This means children are dependent on their parents or any adult figures on practically anything and everything, as they are expected to be.
    • Amethyst is counter dependent; the explorer and rebel, fighting authority even if it's a bad idea. Common in teens and young adults. People here know that they have free will and will tend to distrust and challenge authority. Known as the rebellious stage.
    • Pearl is group-dependent; the responsible manager, legalistic to a fault. Group-dependent people are ready on taking on responsibilities and expects others to be group-dependent as well. Tends to be obsessed with the notions of obligation and duty.
    • Garnet is independent; free to take on the burdens of others, can be a bit reckless, and is understanding of the growth that risk-taking can give as well as its limitations. Tend to be merciful, and kind, and generous. They will help people because they want to, and they will not help people because they want to.
    • One can also argue that Rose Quartz is transcendent; kind and loving to a fault. Uses everything on her power to help those in need.
    • Master of Empathy. Understanding in all situations and acts accordingly to the given situation. Merely acts to the best of their ability, understanding the limitations of their own understanding. But in being emotionally mature their actions tend to flow out in proper response to most any situation. Sympathetic when they should be. Angry when they should be. Forgiving when they should be.
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