The Cryhocks are a species of humanoids from a frozen moon in Megas XLR.

Biology Edit

An average Cryhock stands about 1.5 taller than a human. They are white-furred primates, adapted to cold weather, and somewhat resembling yetis.

History Edit

The Cryhocks were constantly under threat of a race of giant robots called the Ceruleans who raided their planet for its ice. The primitive aliens gained a Guardian in the form of a Cerulean defector. The Guardian protected their planet for many years but Coop destroyed him when the Guardian mistook M.E.G.A.S. for an enemy.

Coop upon learning his mistake took the role as protector of the Cryhocks, however, he did more harm than good and allowed the Ceruleans to invade.

During Coop's confrontation with the Ceruleans, he managed to destroy their homeworld of Surell. However with the destruction of Surell, it allowed the sun to shine upon the Cryhocks moon, causing their world to experience a shift in climate turning their world into a tropical beach, much to the discomfort of the Cryhocks.

Culture Edit

The Cryhocks are a tribal people that live on the frozen wastes of their small moon.

Source Edit

  • Megas XLR - Season 2, Episode 9 - "Ice Ice Megas"
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