The Crumbug are the smallest known species of Breadbug discovered on PNF-404, being even shorter than Pikmin. Captain Olimar found numerous amount of these creatures during his sparklium expeditions.

Description Edit

Crumbugs are very small even for Breadbugs, looking much like a square-piece of bread. Their armor is notably weaker as well and can't withstand as much power as other Breadbugs typically can.

Unlike many breadbugs, but much like Dwarf Bulborbs, Crumbugs actively hunt their own food, though due to their small size they usually hunt down small animals close to their own size such as Sheargrubs, Pikmin, and juvenile Amphitubers.

Of course, they are constant prey to many other animals as well. However, they have been observed in a symbiotic relationship with the Emperor Bulblax.

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