Universe WarCraft
Homeworld Azeroth
Average Height Variable; may not have a maximum size
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Crocolisks are long-snouted reptilianoid organism indigenous to the planet Azeroth. They possess six, low-slung legs to carry them awkwardly about on land and a long, powerful tail for swimming purposes, which they are far better adapted for. Crocolisks seem not particularly likely at this time to be evolving to a fully-aquatic species, however, and can mainly be found only along shorelines and rivers. They are relatively-closely related to Azerothian Basilisks and Diemetrodons, but are not related to Azerothian Crocodiles or Alligators, which have simply followed a convergent evolution.

They are massive in both length and girth and are entirely covered in thick, rough scales that seem to act as a sort of armor scuting. Their six squat legs end in webbed feet to increase their swimming abilities, which themselves end in short, black claws. Through the use of strong tail sweeps and occasional pushes from their legs the beasts make incredibly agile swimmers given their size, and they are notably aggressive to the planet's many sapient species. This is not helped by the fact that they are quite durable creatures, and can naturally exist in either fresh or saltwater habitats, and have even been rumored to exist in sewer systems of major cities. Their kind generally prefer to remain close to land, but there have been stories from seafarers reporting on sighting giant crocolisks out in the ocean, miles from dry land. Crocolisks spend most of their time submerged, but are equally at home on land and often climb onto shore to sun themselves or to roll in warm mud.

Crocolisks, as mentioned above are proficient swimmers, capable of surging forward with bursts of sudden speed that is intended to catch prey off-guard. Despite their armored scaly covering, they prefer to predate upon relatively defenseless prey such as small aquatic creatures as well as the occasional larger terrestrial beast that may happen to flounder across bodies of water that they happen to inhabit. However, they are not incapable of defending themselves or their territory, which may explain their overall aggressiveness to intruders. This is not helped by the fact that Crocolisks usually lie in wait submerged near the shore within their body of water with only their eyes and nostrils showing, which may be hard for trespassers such as sapients to spot.

They kill their intended prey or victim by charging forward with surprising speed, where it will begin to lacerate the target until it bleeds to death, after which the Crocolisk will drag the corpse back to its watery environment for consumption.

Named Threshadons

  • Chuck
  • Crunchy
  • Dreadmire
  • Goretooth
  • Muckbreath
  • Ripscale
  • Rotgrip
  • Sewer Crocolisk
  • Snarly
  • Toothy
  • Vern

Crocolisk Subspecies

  • Amani Crocolisk
  • Barbscale Crocolisk
  • Darkwater Crocolisk
  • Dreadmaw Crocolisk
  • Drywallow Crocolisk
  • Drywallow Daggermaw
  • Drywallow Snapper
  • Drywallow Vicejaw (Extinct)
  • Loch Crocolisk
  • River Crocolisk
  • Saltwater Crocolisk
  • Sawtooth Crocolisk
  • Sewer Crocolisk
  • Snapjaw Crocolisk
  • Underbelly Croc
  • Wetlands Crocolisk
  • Zulian Crocolisk
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