Eldar Craftworld

The Eldar are a race of lithe, elf-like humanoids found in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The Eldar are a tall, graceful, humanoid species with pointed ears with an uncanny outward resemblance to humanity.

Their alliance with humanity is shaky, working with them at one point and attempting to kill them the next. The Eldar use a collection of exotic weaponry, including shuriken weapons (guns which shoot molecular sharp discs), grav-tanks and the fearsome Witchblade. All Eldar are powerful psykers (magic users of the 40k universe). Eldar are responsible for the creation of the Chaos god Slaanesh and the location in the 40k universe known as the Eye of Terror. The events that led to the creation of these is known as the Fall of the Eldar and killed many psykers throughout the universe. The Eldar pantheon after the Fall was brought down to three gods: Cegorach, the laughing god, Kaela Mensha Khaine, the war god, and Isha, the goddess of the harvest. Khaine's physical body was shattered in a battle against the Chaos gods Slaanesh and Khorne, while Isha was captured by Slaanesh, then kidnapped from him by his brother Nurgle. The Fall also led to the Eldar losing all worlds they once held, forcing them onto immense spacecraft known as Craftworlds, like the one to the right.

Ever since the Fall, the Eldar have been a divided people. Those that didn't want to relive the Fall stayed on the Craftworlds, as Craftworld Eldar. The other half, who wanted to stick to the traditional Eldar ways, which were the cause of Slaanesh's creation, were outcasted and were sent away from the Craftworlds. These were the Dark Eldar, who were seen as traitors by their former brothers and sisters. The Dark Eldar now reside in the dark city of Commoragh, somewhere deep in the webway (an ancient system that allows the Eldar to travel through the Warp with little to no threat from the Chaos gods). Two subgroups were spawned soon after this: the Exodites and Harlequins. Exodites are Eldar who haved returned to planet life instead of craftworld life. This has forced them to live in primitive ways. The Harlequins are followers of Cegorach who go between the Eldar and Dark Eldar, putting on plays of the Eldar's history. They are also some of the most dangerous warriors in both the Eldar and Dark Eldar forces.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Some basic Eldar weaponry

    Shuriken Weapons -
    Guns that fire razor-sharp discs, capable of piercing Space Marine power armour.
  • Needle Sniper - Sniper rifle used by Ranger units.
  • Bright Lance - Heavy laser cannon made for destroying enemy armour.
  • Fusion Gun - Heat-based weapon, used to melt through vehicles and soldiers alike.
  • Witch Blade - Sword that also amplifies the Eldar's natural psychic abilities.

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