Crabsquids are a large and highly aggressive species of carnivorous fauna that is native to the deep seas of Planet 4546B. They are, similar to several other species of fauna native the 4546B, are bioluminescent and incredibly hostile towards potential invaders. Crabsquids have even been known to utilize an electromagnetic pulse at its attacker as one of its main methods of defense.

Crabsquids are a species of what appear to be crustaceans that are about the size of a cow, its legs not included. This strange alien has four eyes placed on the from of a clear membrane resembling a squid's mantle. It has eight legs and two claws, much like an earth crab. The green lines on the inner head have bioluminescent properties as well. The crab squid lives in the grand reef, a biome filled with aquatic plants resembling organic sea mines.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Subnautica
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