Crabdozers[1] are a non-sapient species indigenous to the planet Pyros and the natural predator of Pyronites.



Crabdozers are dark purple rock-skinned creatures with crab-like bodies and rhino-like heads. They have six crab-like legs, a long horn, and black eyes with red irises.

Powers and abilities

As their size suggests, Crabdozers have enhanced strength and durability.

Crabdozers are immune to fire due to their thick hides, and can put out a Pyronite's fire with their saliva.

Crabdozers are very fast for their size, being able to keep up with Arachnichimps.

Crabdozers can smash through almost any barrier using their horn.

Crabdozers can survive in the vacuum of space.


Crabdozers can be launched backwards by a Talpaedan's jackhammer arms.

Crabdozers can be eaten by a Gourmand.



  • One of the trophies seen on Khyber's ship is a Crabdozer head.
  • It is possible to make a fireproof bag out of Crabdozer skin. However, the idea seems very difficult. Therefore, one could only use the skin where it is thin enough to be shaped and sown.[1]


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