The Coynites were a race of fierce warriors native to the planet Coyn. The Coynites stand nearly three meters tall. Their bodies were covered with fine fur, which ranged in color from white or gold to brown and black. Their heads were crowned by a mane of longer hair, and the length of the mane indicated the individual's social status. Coynites were natural warriors, and almost always wear some form of battle armor and weapon. Xenobiologists have guessed that the average Coynite could live to be 250 standards years old, but most males died in combat by the time they were 55. They hold to a rigid system of ritual and honor codes known as the En'Tra'Sol, that governed not only battle but politics. Offworlders were killed for not adhering to this code. The Coynites respected and admired the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, since the Jedi Code was similar to the En'Tra'Sol in many respects. One code was known as the Cradle Law.

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