The Prince
Universe Katamari Damacy Universe
Homeworld Unspecified or Unknown
Average Height Generally only a few inches tall
Diet Unspecified
Language Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies Unspecified

"Cousin" is a term used to describe a number of beings that have no other known name to describe them with. This term is faulty as it is in fact generally used to describe the relatives of The Prince who happen to be his cousins, but as there is no other term to describe them by, it is often used to describe the species as a whole.

Cousins are extremely variable in overall height, starting at a known size of roughly a few inches tall during their younger years and apparently growing over time to sizes that can dwarf planets, putting them in comparison to Galactus and other massive beings. They are notable for their forms, which show as having a general shape yet there are some extreme alterations upon this concept, indicating that their species most likely are either built by someone (or perhaps each other) or are masters at genetic tampering. Cybernetics are not unheard of amongst the Cousin species.

Technologies Edit


A nude female Cousin.

Cousins utilize a type of technology known as a Katamari, which is a ball that apparently creates a field of gravity that allows objects to get trapped to it, although a powerful enough hit will dislodge the objects. The Cousins use this to their advantage to replace planets and stars, at the expense of other beings who become trapped upon the Katamari. Because of this procedure they are considered as a whole to be galactic threats, killing hundreds of individuals at a time when a Katamari is transformed into a makeshift celestial body.

Known Cousins Edit

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