Count Venamus
Biography Information
True Identity Venamus
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Language Unknown
Occupation Spy
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Supernoobs
Performed by Trevor Devall

Count Venamus, is the lead henchman of the Virus Creators and sworn enemy of the noobs. He is a alien of an unknown race. 

History Edit

Count Venamus swears to get his revenge on the galaxy in which however, he gets easily distracted by Kevin and Shope and gets tackled down by the noobs while using his giant robot countless failed attempts that crushes their spaceship. He becomes obsessed with destroying the Noobs and Mem and Zen after they expose his identity at the Virus Recruiter of The Year awards. He likes working for the Virus Creator but it is unknown why he is working for the virus creator in the first place. He frequently gets frustrated at his minions for their staggering incompetence and even hates Roach for frequently annoying him and for constantly ruining his plans.

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