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Cortex Jellyfish.jpg

Cortex Jellyfishes inhabit the submerged areas on the south side of the Alpha space station such as the Galana Sea. They are often found attached to the blowholes of giant aquatic creatures called Bromosaurs where they feed off of the pure water that exits the blowhole. Due to living on the Bromosaurs' blowhole all year round, the Cortex Jellyfish become hypersensitive and one would have to be extremely delicate when dealing with them. Despite essentially acting as the wildlife of Alpha, the Cortex Jellyfishes are somewhat psychic and when a sapient being puts the Jellyfish on their head down to their shoulders and thinks of someone or something, the Cortex Jellyfish would show the current location of said person or object through a kind of osmosis. However, whoever chooses to use the Jellyfishes psychic abilities must take no longer than a minute to do so to prevent the Jellyfish from feeding on their memories.

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