Corracha Cagalt
Corracha Cagalt
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sliders Universe

The Corracha Cagalt, were a term used by Professor Maximilian Arturo to describe a race of sentient flames that evolved on an alternate Earth consumed by eternal fire.

Biology Edit

Professor Arturo believed that the Earth in which the Corracha Cagalt contained large natural gas deposits, burning for years like the coal fires in Virginia. He proclaimed that the existence of such creatures represented a huge turn in evolution. The Corracha Cagalt are able to divide themselves, but they shared one mind, that's able to convey information across vast distances, though its unclear if it can convey information through dimensions.

However when released into a slide aperture, a rift in dimensions they are control their destination using photon wave disbursement and time slip access. In addition they are able to trasmit signal giving them control over TV broadcasts.

According to one representative of this species, they questioned why humans choose a limited life-form to possess, hinting that the Corracha Cagalt may have evolved through their choice alone.

History Edit

The cast from Sliders were transported to the Corracha Cagalt's dimension, and were nearly suffocated by the heat and flames, luckily their stay lasted for a few seconds, however they unsuspectingly carried a stowaway to an Earth where California was a natural gas deposit.

Quinn Mallory and Professor Arturo discussed their experienced in the fire world, with Quinn confessing that he had seen the flames move as if they were alive. Arturo jokingly believed he saw the Corracha Cagalt, Celtic spirits of the hearth. He said his father used to tell him stories of these the blue flamed spirits of fire and how they would punish naughty boys.

After a series of unexplained fires that plagued the Oil World, Quinn believed it was the creature that had stowed away with the Sliders. After saving Quinn from a passing car by making him collapse in the nick of time from oxygen deprivation, Quinn believed it was intelligent.

After Arturo and Quinn managed to trap it they attempted to communicate with the flame, using a spectrometer. After it recognized the periodic table, Quinn was able to synthesize a translator to directly communicate with the creature. Quinn apologized to the creature for his part in separating it from its home and that it could not stay in this dimension warning if it continued the natives would destroy it.

However surprising the flame offered a solution, as it revealed it could control the electrical current, thus allowing it to control the Slide destination of Quinn's transmitter.

When an oil tycoon tried to kill Mallory and his friends and blame them for a fire started by the union, the Corracha Cagalt came to their defense and had the man at its mercy, but was persuaded not to pursue vengeance and to come with them to go home.

Appearances Edit

  • Sliders- Fire Within
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