Alien Species

A cookie fiend

A non-sapient lifeform native to the planet Elmo, the "Cookie Fiend", as it is known, is roughly square when viewed from above. A typical adult is 40 cm across the "flats" with eight 50 cm long legs, along the "front" and "back" edges. Its skin is tan and semi-smooth, with scattered photo-receptors that look all the world like a chocolate chip in a chocolate chip cookie. Despite the innocuous appearence of this piece of fauna, it is the dominant predator in the very dry, desert-like conditions of Elmo. It hunts in packs, capable of 45 kilometers-per-hour running, and with short, "pogo-ish" jumping sprints can achieve 100 KPH for less than a minute. Its hunting tactics are similar to wolves', tiring the prey via chase. Then they will spray it with acid, and absorb the result. because of evolutionary pressure, they are capable of gaining nutrience from a variety of bio-chemical patterns, including terran animals.

Cookie fiend

Cookie fiends in their native environment

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