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The Constrictor Plant is a type of vegetation featured in the episode "The Monsters of Mongo" in the series of Flash Gordon comics. It is seen in this episode that princess Aura is captured by the Constrictor Plant as she tries to escape from the clutches of the Squadron. The plant lifts her up from the ground and she tries to wiggle herself out.


Constrictor Plants have long slender leaves that can grow at least a meter long. These leaves contain sharp edges which are possibly used for cutting and slicing. The leaves move around like tentacles to capture enemies at a certain degree of radius. The leaves are colored green and contain a middle vein. They have a long woody twisted trunk going down to the roots. The roots are attached to the ground firmly with some woody tendrils that of a vine.

Constrictor Plants are carnivorous. It can be seen in their physical characteristics that they need sharp movable leaves to capture other organisms. The leaves are capable of piercing through skin and several tissues that eventually leads to death of organisms death by laceration. The leaves may contain chemicals or enzyme and as time passes by, the organism caught will slowly be digested. Aside from that, Constrictor Plants are also likely able to photosynthesize their own food, judging from their green leaves, which may be a sign that they contain chlorophyll. Constrictor Plants exhibit thigmotropism. This can be seen as organisms gets too close to the plant. It well eventually release its leaves to entangle the organism.


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