The Confederation of Systems Police or abbreviated as CONSYT is the law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining order in all habitable worlds.

History Edit

Carlisle Moongale in his plan to destroy the credibility of the Doors, bribed the CONSYT on Synergos, allowing him to massacre and act without worry of the law.

After Moongale's clone confessed to his involvement in the murders of the Porters, staged deaths of Door patrons, and his negligence in his starliner construction, the CONSYT swarmed Moongale's company arresting his associates, though Detective Flowers believed they wanted to save face for being bought out by Moongale.

Detective Flower was made Commander of the Door Crime Special Task Force, and recruited Henry Clay Waters as a Special Consultant, due to his status as the last Porter.

Appearances Edit

  • The Doorman 001
  • The Doorman 002
  • The Doorman 003
  • The Doorman 004
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