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Conductoids are an electrokinetic species from the Teslavorr Nebula.[1]



Conductoids have black bodies, a large singular eye, and antennae and tails evoking the appearance of cables due to having plugs on the tips. They have four-fingered hands with similar plugs on the fingertips. They gain bolts on their shoulders, arms, and hips as they age.

Conductoids can have different hair styles using their antennae.[2]


Conductoids feed on eddies and currents of higher-energy particles near protostars.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Conductoids can absorb and redirect any type of energy using the plugs on their fingers, antennae, and tails. This ability is refined to the point that they can redirect an infinite amount of the energy in question[3] at near point-blank range.

The most type of energy absorbed by Conductoids is electricity powerful enough to harm Methanosians, Galvanic Mechamorphs, tangible Ectonurites, and Evolved Vaxasaurians.

Besides electricity, Conductoids can absorb a Terroranchula's webbing, a Nosedeenian's internal energy, tachyon particles fired by Tachyon Cannons, a Crystalsapien's ultraviolet beams,[2] and multiversal levels of energy. In the case of the latter, this can be accomplished as long as the energy of other universes have their basis in the same set of physical laws.[3]

Conductoids can fly by aiming their hands toward the ground, firing streams of electricity in the process.

Conductoids possess enhanced strength, enough to punch a boulder, lift a hybrid Terroranchula, and bust down a wall with ease.

Condcutoids are durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall. They also have enhanced agility, reflexes, and jumping skills.

Conductoids are able to stretch their plugs for more range. They can also "smell" radio signals by using their antennae.

Conductoids can use their energy absorption powers to neutralize missiles generated by an evolved Vaxasaurian.

Conductoids can temporarily gain enhanced speed while running along a current-carrying path, such as telephone lines.

Due to originating in a nebula rather than a planet, Conductoids can survive in the vacuum of space.[1]


Conductoids need to absorb energy occasionally because the energy they contain will deplete with each use.

A Conductoid's antennae can be easily pulled on, which can both irritate them and leave them stuck in place.

There is a limit as to what types of energy a Conductoid can absorb.[4]

Conductoids cannot stop themselves from shooting their electric energy blasts. Therefore, they will have to resort to shooting it all up in the air to avoid collateral damage if they fail to catch a target.

Culture and society[]

Conductoids are not social beings. Males of the species are negatively charged, while females are positively charged. If too many Conductoids of the same gender occupy the same area for an extended period of time, the resulting arc could destroy them all. Because the consequences of social groups are so potentially devastating, Conductoids tend to be solitary creatures.[1]



  • The Omnitrix's Conductoid representative is named Feedback, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "The More things Change: Part 1". He was originally unlocked off-screen after the events of the film Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.[2] Feedback solely appears in Omniverse.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of Feedback (formerly known as Plug Man), who was confirmed to exist in the Omniverse episode "Store 23".
    • It is unknown whether Bad Ben, Benzarro, or Nega Ben have Feedback available in their Omnitrixes.[2]
    • However, it has been confirmed that neither Albedo nor Mad Ben can transform into Feedback because they do not have access to his DNA.[2]
  • It was initially believed that a Conductoid's appearance is actually a containment suit. However, the statement was refuted years later.[2]
  • Conductoids easily travel through Teslavorr, using minute voltage differences between to propel themselves.[1]
  • Some believe that Conductoids may be crucial to stellar formation, although that theory has yet to be proven.[1]
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Conductoid DNA.[3] Therefore, Feedback is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
    • Feedback was among the aliens considered to physically appear in the reboot, but did not make the cut because Shock Rock was given a heavy focus during Season 2.[3]


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