Condor Dragon

Condor dragons were flying, carnivorous reptavians native to the craggy cliffs, deserts, and deep woods of Endor's forest moon. They walked on their hind legs and their forearms were used to hold prey. They had bony ridges along their spine, and a wing span of approximately 3 meters.

Though powerful predators, they were not above scavenging for food. They were both nocturnal and diurnal, and, despite their large size, they would only prey on small to medium size creatures, which they captured alive and took back to their caves. They flew off from high buttresses and hunted in a spiral swoop. They attacked with a spine-tingling screech.

They were known to snatch Ewoks right off the backs of their riding ponies, though this was rare as the condor dragons would likely view the rider and pony as one creature, and therefore too large for it to carry. They did not eat ponies, as they were unpleasant to their taste. They did eat giant cave "spiders".

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Ewoks: The Battle for Endor co-director Ken Wheat, the condor dragon was made from pieces of the Rancor from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Other dragon-like species native to Endor's moon are the mantigrue and the devil beast. It is unknown if any of the three share genetic ancestry. The devil beast is perhaps more likely to be related to the mantigrue since the condor dragon has a set of arms separate from its wings and the comic's coloration of the devil beast more closely matches the mantigrue as seen in the Ewoks animated series.



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