The Columi are a peaceful, non-aggressive race with a vast intellect stored in their huge heads. They are native to the planet Columus. One third of their height, and most of their weight, is found in their heads, which are wreathed with throbbing blood vessels.

The brain of a Columus is divided into over 100 lobes, each dedicated to an independent function. The collection of intelligence has long-since rendered their limbs useless, and they have to be transported in antigrav harnesses. The eyes of a Columus are capable of seeing in the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and they can "hear" by analyzing the frequency of sound and radio waves. Their technology centers on the use of radio waves, generated by their immense brains. All Columus hardware is created to be activated and manipulated with radio waves. They use droids and other machinery to perform their physical work.

Being one of the first species to develop an advanced society and technology, they were greatly dismayed to find the rest of the galaxy inhabited by "barbarians". Also, the heaviness of standard gravity is hard for the Columi to overcome, so off-world travel is kept to a minimum. Those Columi found off Columus are either scholars, business leaders, or gamblers, and can be almost impossible to beat. They apparently freely joined the Empire, although mainly in order to retain their isolation.

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