The Coluan race is a humanoid race of green skin, blond hair or black hair, reaching 2 meters in adult age, with the average member with an intelligence of "level 8", much greater than the humans. The Coluans are pioneers of super advanced technology and have an exceptionally long lifespan for centuries, due in part to the advances of race in genetic manipulation, the Coluan have a cybernetic collectivity among them in their telecommunication network. Colu was known by its inhabitants in the Yod system. The great scientist Vril Dox, before becoming Brainiac with his tyranny in cybernetic knowledge, created the Tyrans (collective Coluans Drones) to enslave the colu population along with a troop of welded robots, When Vril Dox took all the power of Colu , Absorbed all the cybernetic net of the planet to become Brainiac, trying to diminish the important city of Colu, B'taar, But the security soldiers prevented, Brainiac resolved to bomb B'laar, destroying the city of Colu, killing a small part of the population, leaving Colu to the space in His great ship. The most significant moment in the history of the planet was when Vril Dox 2, the adopted son of Brainiac, liberated the planet from the Computers Tyrans. The population's hunger for knowledge and fusion of the organic and cybernetics was common, segregating the Tyrans drones from the collective bond between them, immigrating to the eastern part of the planet, and the welded robots came to belong to the coluan security, playing an important role. In the 31st century, the intelligence of Colu stagnated over a period of 100 years caused by the actions of Brainiac 5, This is due to a reliance on theoretical research rather than practical experimentationn.

With the destruction of the town of B'laar by Brainiac, the substitute capital of Colu was Metaire City, where in the future of the Legion of Super Heroes, is the most advanced city in the galaxy, in which the sanctuary of enlightenment was built.

Colu is surrounded by Magellanic clouds, is the only habitable planet of its star system and is the fourth planet of its blue sun. The surface is divided between 50% of land and water, and although it has few polar ice caps and deserts as well, it has two moons, it is mainly temperate. Most of its population lives in large cities with less than 1% of its population residing elsewhere outside these cities. Colu It has the largest extension of cities that covers the whole planet, possessing the lowest rate of virgin and uninhabited lands, and the life expectancy of a Coluan reaches 500 years of life.

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