Biography Information
True Identity Daggon
Alias Cole Hauser

Rod Archer (Disguise Only)

Troy Montana (Mistaken identity)

Detective Phil Long

Tony (Mafia Persona)

Homeworld Cirron
Species Cirronians
Gender Male
Family Wife (deceased)

Daughter (deceased)

Language English
Occupation Tracker

Prison Guard (formerly) Educator (formerly)

Abilities Cirronians have the abilities to move at hyperspeed (which weakens them if used more than once a day); manipulate energy; heal; can shapeshift into a different form (although the time this lasts can vary) and telekinesis.
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Tracker
Created by Gil Grant
Performed by Adrian Paul

James Gallanders (briefly)

"This is Cirron, my home. One of six planets in the Migar Federation. There was a prison break. 218 of the most violent criminals have disappeared into the city of Chicago. Finding them won't be easy - they aren't human. Luckily for Earth, neither am I."
―Cole/Daggon's voice-over in the later episodes of Tracker (Episode 14 onward)

Daggon, an alien life form who lands on Earth from the planet Cirron in a bid to capture 218 prisoners who had escaped from SAR TOP Prison in the Migar System, in the form of "life forces" that have took over various human identities. He lands in an abandoned field in the outskirts of Chicago where he takes on the form of an underwear model and takes the name "Cole" from the underwear ad he sees on a billboard.


Daggon arrives on Earth in his energy form.

He later meets Mel Porter, a Chicago bar owner who has an outgoing British bartender that she inherited along with her grandmother's police bar - called The Watchfre. Though she is suspicious at first, she gradually comes to accept Cole and lets him stay, offering him some of her ex-boyfriend's clothes. He has a device to capture the life forces and contain them in spheres, and once his mission is over, he has to take them back to SAR TOP.

Cole discovers that a brilliant scientist named Zin engineered the jailbreak from SAR-TOP prison, located a hundred light years away from Earth. Zin created a wormhole, which allowed almost instantaneous travel from the Migar solar
Cole manifests the Collector and the Knowledge.

Cole manifests the Collector and the Knowledge.

system to Earth. The wormhole ended in Chicago, where Zin and the escapees have taken over the bodies of human beings and blended into society, but still retain some of their alien otherworldly abilities. With an army of escaped alien convicts, Zin creates a criminal empire, not unlike the mafia, which he can rule over as Godfather supreme. However as Cole will discover, Zin may have a larger agenda in mind than running illegal enterprises for profit, an agenda that might carry interplanetary implications. Therefore, Cole must find the fugitives and stop them before they can carry out their plans, using Mel's help and constant guidance to do so.


Information about Cole and his background is revealed throughout the series. It is revealed early on that he had
Cole at his computer

Cole at his computer.

a wife and daughter - both of whom were murdered by a male Vardian called Rhee and whom Cole would later fight and defeat on Earth before capturing Rhee's life force.

Cole is shown to be very skilled in several areas, most notably with technology - with him constantly upgrading the computer he uses in the Watchfire as well as making 'adjustments' to electrical equipment on Earth to aid him in his capture of the fugitives, such as when he modified a torch to be much more bright so he could interrogate an Enixian about Kaiden and his illegal activities. His powers allow him to easily adjust machines or repair, such as when he used his powers to fix Mel's car or when he helped a woman called Tiffany by
Cole makes the Collector 'disappear'

Cole makes the Collector and it's storage unit 'disappear'

altering a parking machine to make it look like the correct amount of money had been paid in. Cole even suggested to Mel about him opening up an Electrical Repair shop after capturing all the fugitives.

One piece of technology that he has that he brought with him to Earth is 'The Collector', which is used to draw out a Fugitive's life force from their human host before it's put in a containment device filled with multpile spheres - with each sphere been the equivalent of a prison cell to hold the fugitive's life force. The collector and the prisoner container can be shrunken down into a small metal cube before been made to 'merge' with Cole - allowing him to transport them anywhere if required. Cole can make the 'extraction' of a fugitive's life force quick and easy or can deliberately make it slower, which is more painful for the fugitive due to exposure to Earth's atmosphere.

A second item he has is a small metal pyramid he refers to as 'The Knowledge'. Like the Collector, he can
The Knowledge

The Knowledge.

'merge' or 'unmerge' the item from his body. The Knowledge has many functions - including storing his training simulator and universal translator (which helps Cole to blend into different species and cultures). Finally, it also stores all his files from SAR TOP Prison. Cole is able to connect it to his computer, which allows him to search through all his files on the various prisoners if he needs to identify one.

Beyond these and Earth technology, Cole is sometimes shown using alien technology - such as when he chased another Enixian while using a hand-held laser and a 'night vision' targetting device. Another area is in
Cole pursues an Enixian

Cole pursues an Enixian.

medicine, as he is shown been able to synthesise an antidote to a deadly nodulian virus; admitting during his conversation with Mel about it that he was an 'educator' in the past and learned various knowledges.

Adjusting to life on Earth, Cole learns how to speak, read, make drinks at the bar and dance as well as learning other tasks and knowledge to help him out. He does have trouble misunderstanding expressions and sarcasm, but is shown to be very intelligent. Jess - one of the Watchfire's bartenders before leaving for London - is shown to like Cole for his appearance but has issues due to his "Forrest Gump" style personality. Later in the series and due to her Visa running out, Jess does ask Cole to marry her in order to stay in Chicago (as she must marry an American or pay $10,000 to renew her Visa), which Cole immediatley agrees to until pointing out he isn't American. Cole does pass judgement on how humans do things, although he does show respect and enjoyment in some of humanity's ideas, creations and mannerisms - such as when he is given a lap dance by Bunny, one of the Watchfire's bartenders - during and after which he compliments her and her dance skills. Lontoria - a female Cirronian and one of the fugitives who Cole was once close friends with - regarded Cole as "a man of great integrity and one who always looked out for her".

Daggon Forms

Daggon in his human forms/disguises: Cole (Top left), Enixian Bouncer (Top right), Rod Archer (Bottom left) and Tony (Bottom right).

In regards to his views of humanity, Cole sees them as primitive but nonetheless, he is shown to be caring towards humans - regardless of who they are, as shown by his befriending of the patients at a psychiatric institute when trying to catch a Desserian called Yahir as well as his worry for the safety of Wahota. When trying to find information on Sirez, he shows a great concern for the children who are living on the street after leaving home for various reasons.

Cole: "Do they live in there in those boxes?"
Mel: "Yeah, they do".
Cole: "What happens when it gets cold or when it rains?"
Mel:"...It's not easy for them, but they do the best they can".
Cole: "What about their families? their parents?"
Mel: "Cole, a lot of those kids have very serious problems at home".
Cole: "...But what problems could be worse then your children living in boxes on the street".
Mel: "I agree with you. It's very complicated. They do have agencies to help".
Cole: "Then why are they still there?"
Mel: "I don't know...I guess because they don't trust adults anymore".

Cole talks to Tina

Cole talks to Tina about her family issues.

He shares an attraction with Mel, although both he and Mel both fight it throughout the series. He does reveal it in a few episodes; the first been after catching Yahir but this been due to him been affected by drugs and in a later episode when he temporarily loses his memory -  openly declaring he feels attracted to her, although she states this is because she's a human/cirronian hybrid. He even acquires a book on chat up lines from Nestov - even though Mel later points out that a woman would have to be 'very drunk' before he would have any chance of the lines working for him.

His caring side was shown in several episodes, such as when he used his power to revive Mel after Zin killed her in the pilot episode, as well as trying to help a homeless girl called Tina - later saving her life and helping reunite her with her estranged father. He also shows a great respect for Wahota - a tracker himself and an Apache who served as a scout in the 10th Cavalry back in 1919.

Cole with Wahota.

Despite knowing humanity have much to learn, Cole is convinced that they can overcome their more negative traits - such as their violent behaviour and their fights/wars for the pursuit of power.

Cole is shown to be a very honest person, which - depending on the situation - can be an advantage or disadvantage. When Tina sarcastically asked Cole 'what planet' he was from, Cole truthfully replied that he was from Cirron (although Tina likely didn't believe him). During his and Mel's visit to London during one of his hunts, Mel told Cole off for saying he was from Cirron when asked, despite the passport he created for himself stating he was from Chicago - with Cole admitting that he was caught off guard as it's not in his nature to lie.

In regards to his own people - the Cirronians - Cole regards them, their achievements and their values highly. He reminds Lontoria of this when he goes to take her life force. He does show affiliations and/or care for some of the prisoners, although reminding some who he befriends that he still has a job to do. He lets a prisoner called Nestov go after Nestov saves his life - using Nestov to get him information about Zin's operations for Cole in exchange for his life. He maintains his friendship with Lontoria after she saves him from been killed by Zin, telling her he will round up the other prisoners first before taking her life force. Finally, he forms a brief alliance with the prisoner Krace when the pair escape from the military - although when Krace is fatally wounded, Cole tells him to think of the most beautiful place he can before Cole takes his life force, thus preventing him from dying with his human body.

Despite his overall friendly demeanour, Cole has shown some slightly darker moments. After defeating Rhee (who had murdered his wife and daughter), he proceeded to hit her with a pole she used during the fight, before deliberatley taking her life force slowly - making it more painful for her. During his capture of the prisoner Remel (who was Rhee's brother and had tried to kill Cole out of revenge for imprisoning Rhee on SAR TOP) Cole angrily tells him to 'say hi to Rhee for him'. When Cole lost his powers after Nestov's apparent betrayal, making him more or less human, he later said to himself that "been human sucked" as he was much weaker as a result.

He has also shown himself as been blunt in regards to his points of view, such as during his hunt for Suudor in London - who was impersonating Jack the Ripper. Although he apologised for been so blunt when expressing his point of view, Mel agrees with him.

Cole: "I don't understand - on my planet, these killers are reviled. Here, they're celebrated".
Mel: "Yeah, well it's sick. A lot of people have a fascination with the concept of serial killers".
Cole: "Well your planet is very strange, Mel; You have people living on the streets, children starving all over the world, your world leaders are elected by the lies that they tell and you have a global communication system - like the internet - that promotes hate and glorifies people like John Wayne Gacy and Jack the Ripper!"

Mission EndEdit

In the final episode of the Tracker series, Cole manages to find a way to locate and capture all the remaining fugitives at once, but must do it quickly and before a wormhole back to Migar (that Cole has activated after monitoring Earth's energy patterns) closes up. However, the process is been delayed due to a 'contaminated life force' that Cole must identify. After going through numerous prisoners (Tevv, Medoran, Yahir, Remel, Krace, Sirez, Rhee, Zareth and Vedra) and after suffering a setback due to an incident causing him to lose his memory (with Mel managing to help him remember who he is), Cole is able to identify the contaminated life force as the Orsian Jagar. Finalizing the process, Cole is able to capture all the fugitives successfully. Offering Mel to come with him to Cirron due to her been part Cirronian, Mel politely turns him down as she says she would miss been on Earth - with the possibility of Cole coming back to visit also been out of the question as he would have to figure out a way to re-open the wormhole. Bidding farewell to each other, Cole leaves.


Cole shows Mel where the Migar system is.

However, when Mel returns home later that day, she finds Cole repairing a speaker. When asking him about why he didn't return home, Cole replies that he did but started thinking about his future - saying that with his family gone, simply returning to a job as a prison guard on the SAR TOP prison moon wasn't what he wanted to do. Thinking of Mel (and thanks to a slight miscalculation regarding how long the wormhole would stay open), Cole decided to return to Earth - seeing it as his new home. When asked about what he will do on Earth now there's no-one left to catch, Cole says about opening an electrical repair shop (since his power to manipulate energy and his technical knowledge would allow him to be an expert repairman). Mel also reveals she has a gift for Cole - giving him a telescope so he can see the Migar system if he ever feels homesick. Unseen by both Cole and Mel, however, the alien life forces begin to re-appear across the USA.

Biology & AppearanceEdit

Cirronians are energy-based lifeforms that inhabit the planet Cirron in the Migar system. Cirronians have the abilities to move at hyperspeed, which weakens them if used more than once a day; manipulate energy; heal; and telekinesis. Their strength is increased by heat, although they are weakened by the cold - with prolonged exposure possibly been fatal.

Cole/Daggon also has the ability to shapeshift using an image of a person, which is how he takes on the form of an underwear model and whose name he takes as his own while on Earth. Unfortunatley, he has to learn human customs and language from scratch - with Mel having to teach him. This contrasts with the prisoners he is hunting as, due to them taking human life forces when they arrived on Earth, they are almost instantly able to learn human language and customs. Another downside of Cole using a person's image to shapeshift is that the amount of time he can stay in that form varies. When he takes over the form of a human that was previously inhabited by an Enixian in order to try to capture Kaiden, it quickly wears off as he's not used to doing it. Later in the series, he assumes the image of Mel's former boyfriend Rod Archer, he becomes stuck in that body until he later uses a picture of the Cole underwear model to regain his original form - having finally found a way to control the ability. This is proved when he takes on the form of Vax to capture a Vardian prisoner called Tanner. He again used the ability to infiltrate the Mafia while disguised as an obscure gangster from the 1930's - taking on the name 'Tony' - although he had a 'minor glitch' when changing back to Cole due to his voice still sounding like Tony, he was able to fix it quickly.

According to Cole, he didn't need to sleep - and as such could keep going on and on regardless as long as his energy wasn't affected - in which case he would rest but not sleep to re-attain it.

It's assumed that Cole also has the power of hypnosis, as he was able to convince Mel to let him stay at the watchfire before she found out about him been an alien as well as been able to calm her down when they were at the hospital, following their failure to stop Tevv from infecting another woman. He also used his power on Dr. Connelly during his and Krace's escape from the government facility they were held at. He was able to help Mel activate her powers, but whether this was hypnosis or not is debatable as Cole had lost his powers at the time.


Cold: This is one of Cole's main weaknesses, as been exposed to it weakens him. Prolonged exposure, meanwhile, has shown been potentially fatal. A few of Cole's enemies use Nitrogen Spray against him (such as Raahm and Zareth) while Hague used a Liquid Nitrogen gun. During his attempted escape from a government facility, the humans hit him with both CO2 from a fire extinguisher as well as a Nitrogen spray, which was enough to nearly kill Cole (putting him into a temporary coma) until he was revived by the heat of the lights.

Lodestone: Cole's other main weakness is Lodestone, which produces a magnetic field that scrambles his attempts to locate prisoners. This weakness was exploited by the Valix Sisters, as the hotel they went to was built on Lodestone.

Negative-Energy Extraction Gun: This weapon - created by Zin and the fugitives - is very dangerous to Cirronians, due to them been energy beings that are made up of positive and negative energies. As Cole explains, without the negative energy in his body, the positive will become neutral - rendering Cole more or less human with the same vulnerabilities. The gun is initially used on Reta, a Cirronian fugitive, before Nestov appears to betray Cole and use it on him. Thanks to Mel, however, Cole's powers are rejuvenated when Mel uses her dormant cirronian abilites to re-energize Cole's powers.


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