Coelophysus (a misspelling of Coelophysis) is a very small reptilian carnivore found on FMM-UV 32. The Coelophysus of the Cityscape incident is very small compared to the Coelophysis of the Central Sector. This Coelophysus is a pack hunter, but mainly in large unorganized packs to bite their prey and run back to safety.

They are very aggressive creatures as they are very hostile to other larger species, like humans. Like the Coelophysis of the Central Sector, they can probably take down larger creatures if there is a large amount of them.

Coelophysus is very colorful compared to its Central Sector variant. It has a red head and yellow body. This makes it stand out, but as it is very small, it can easily hide in the grass.

Appearances Edit

Coelophysus first appears in Carnivores Cityscape, and it's only appearance.

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