Coelophysis is a medium-sized reptilian carnivore found in the Central Sector of FMM-UV 32. The Coelophysis of the Central Sector is much larger than the Cityscape variant. It is a pack hunter, one of the first animals seen doing this. Coelophysis is a very primitive dinosaur, as it reverts to cannibalism if food is low.

They feed by probably hunting for small creatures like Dimetrodon or Moschops. But have the capabilities to take down a couple Allosaurs or even a Stegosaurus if there is enough of them.

Coelophysis is colored with a greenish look, with stripes on the back similar to Velociraptor.

Appearances Edit

Coelophysis appears first appears in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and is it's only appearance.

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