Coelanths are a species of bony, deep-sea creature, and a relative to the more common Tiger Thresher. It is only ever found within the abyssal zone, and rarely ever found in any depths closer to the surface.


Named after the ancient-looking fish Coelacanth, Coelanths more closely resemble Earth's ancient group of animals known as armored fish. They are roughly the size of an Orca whale, with their jaws alone large enough to swallow Humans whole. These jaws are lined with several large fangs to tear open flesh.

Their bodies, mostly in matured specimens, show signs of deterioration compared to younger individuals. Evidence of this include the crackling state of their paper-texture scales, possibly due to the water pressure, and film over their three eyes, making their eyesight very poor in the dim light of the abyss.


They are highly aggressive, solitary hunters of the abyssal zone, and are considered very swift hunters. They have been known to attack submarines and eat Humans whenever they come across one.

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