"I think they were quite the most hideous creatures that I have ever seen."
―Carson Napier

The Cloud People live in the mountains of Amtor, always among the clouds. Every portion of their bodies is covered with fur garments, with only holes for their eyes and a hole to breathe through. They cannot stand a dry atmosphere. In olden times people used to think that they were a hairy race of men, until some herdsmen killed one of them, then it was discovered that their skin was extremely thin and without pores. They perspire through their nose and mouths, panting instead of sweating. When the body of the one who was killed by the herders was exposed to the air, the skin shriveled up as though it had been burned. It is often rumored that the Cloud People eat human flesh. When in their native environment they do not need to wear fur or clothes of any type. Underneath they are entirely hairless. Their thin skins have the color of a corpse. Their eyes are very large and round and they have tiny noses, the combination gives them a somewhat owl-like expression.

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