The Clicking Slurker is a smaller species of Umbloda that was discovered by Captain Olimar during his Sparklium expedition onto PNF-404. Captain Olimar only made a small set of notes on them.

Description[edit | edit source]

Like other members of its family, and like Jellyfloats, they hold a resemblance to that of jellyfish, having a more rounded body compared to other Umbloda. This species is notable for its structure resembling a small feather, which is theorized to be used for attracting mates.

Compared to body ratio, it has the longest tongue length of any of its members, which it uses to dangle down to the ground to catch prey in. Its appendix is covered in a sticky secretion, making prey stuck to it and able to lift up into its bell. Its actual body is the same size as a Hocotatian, with its tongue ten times as long.

Its docile, and won't actively chase after prey. It's unclear as to the exact social structure, but it is observed that different Clicking Slurkers will "take shifts" in different hunting areas. This could possibly hint at a more sapient behavior, though this is unclear.

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