Alien Species
Universe WarCraft
Homeworld Draenor
Average Height Unknown
Diet Herbivorous
Language None
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies Decrepit Clefthoof

Clefthooves are large, hairy Kodo-like organisms indigenous to the plains of Nagrand on the planet Draenor. They appear to have adapted to complete exposure, with their woolly coats and thick skin protecting them from the various elements, allowing them to live in the open areas, and so they are not found elsewhere. They also have grown large, powerful horns that is combined with a set of bony neck plates, presumably used mainly for dueling between males over mating rights due to the absence of any predatory species in Nagrand that would be capable of taking down an adult Clefthoof. Their great size is most likely the only deterrent the clefthoof needs against natural predators. It is unknown if they are actually related to Kodo or not, or if their similar designs are just an indication of a parallel evolution. If they are in fact related, it would indicate that they have been spread between worlds by the Titans as there is no other way the could have moved between the two locations that they are found in.

They have been hunted since ancient times by the indigenous Orcs, whom used their neck plating as ritual ornamentation for their various sites, an example of this is the Ancestral Grounds. In modern times as well as likely during ancient times, they are often skinned by various sapient species for their thick clefthoof leather, and their meat is often removed upon killing one.

Notable Cleftooves[]

  • Brokentoe
  • Banthar