Chyzaedu are a species of gargantuan worm-like aliens that make up the Dominion of the Black's priesthood. Their religious beliefs focus on the idea of consumption and devouring.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

Chyzaedu resemble huge earthworms, averaging 60 feet long and 5,000 pounds in weight. The front end bears a large beak, and the tail end is equipped with a cluster of five short tentacles, which can collectively function as a hand or claw. Chyzaedu appear eyeless, but in fact they have a ring of very small eyes behind their beak, concealed in folds of skin. Despite their small size, the eyes are very sensitive and can see in almost total darkness. A number of irregularly sized lumps - actually parietal eyes - allow chyzaedu to sense the movement of creatures in contact with the ground. An unknown aspect of their physiology renders them resistant to damage from non-magical sources.

Diet Edit

Chyzaedu have ravenous appetites and highly efficient digestive systems, which allow them to eat plants and animals alike. However, they have a distinct preference for eating sentient beings, as they prefer to "share" the act of consumption for religious reasons.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Unique among all of the creatures of the Dominion, chyzaedu wield divine magic. Chyzaedu all possess the ability to use an advanced level of divine magic, but they must actually prepare their spells rather than wield them innately. They also have powerful telepathy, and their mere presence can force weak-willed creatures to consume every edible substance within reach.

Technology Edit

Chyzaedu have access to most or all of the technology of the Dominion of the Black. Additionally, they have developed a form of metallic vestment, used to shield them from mind-affecting effects and to focus their magic. These vestments do not function for anyone other than the chyzaedu who created them, and a chyzaedu can create a new set after a month of work.

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