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Chulta Olirion is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

According to folklore, the god Kuaw, from the House of warrior gods Cuu'rath has created the nation Wee'zath to inhabit and to rule over the planet Maar. The time of their developed culture began in the year 2.0.6, in the Age of god Kuaw, when they had deserted the eastern areas of Gaar Kufra due to its terrible desert conditions. They headed north, towards the area of the river Aa'rgueleth that had suitable climatic conditions and richness of natural resources. At the beginning they had directed all effort and knowledge towards the development of agriculture and advancement of weapons that they had been using for defence against the river demons Aa'rguelethor. Wee'zaths' were forced to accelerate their work on creating a stable defensive system of the city Aa'rulth, because of the constant invasion of Aa'rguelethors on the territory of their inhabitation.

I In time when the city Aa'rulth became a gigantic shield to all Wee'zaths, river demons frequently attacked those that tried to save themselves from the surrounding city. Distinguishing himself by waging war successfully and by strength worthy of one Wee'zath, Too'larath successfully conquered the Aa'rguelethors and became a founder of the Wee'zath Empire in the year 3.1.8. He established the Council of sages with whom he secured and expanded the territory of the Empire.

Already in the time of settling down on the area of the river Aa'rgueleth, Wee'zaths' had developed poetry. They wrote kuawthals- odes dedicated to the god Kuaw, and long heroic poems dedicated to all warriors- cuu'rals. After spectacular victories over river demons, poetic tradition was continued on the court of King Too'larath. He supported the work of folk poetry collectors and they gathered all collected kuawthals and cuu'rals into the most precious artwork- collection " Cuu'rsankh.

In the year 4.0.2., Too'larath died and his older son Dysaa'rth became the new king. Dysaa'rth, named Ruthless, gave the order to execute all those who had been usurping his reign and those who had been trying to help his brother Samaelth to become king. In spite of successfully fleeing over the years, Dysaa'rth hunted down Samaelth and locked him away in the tower Kydom Heen that was in the western region Eelly'roth.

Because of the desire to expand his empire, in the year 4.1.6., Dysaarth decided to travel towards the South of Maar, towards a sequence of mountains called Horoy'talaz. During the journey they came across deadly low temperatures, domain of storms and dead vegetation. Crossing Horoy'talaz, they stumbled upon yet unknown members of the civilization Szeliot..

According to the legends, the god Kuaw got two daughters, twin sisters Nairi and Olirion. Nairi was the mother of all male descendants and Olirion of all female descendants of Szeliots. As they were the only female warriors in the House of Cuu'rath, goddesses, encouraged by their will for power, had created strong and powerful male and female warriors- the Szeliots. First written document, from the year 2.2.0., retells about their settlement on the west and south of Maar, on the area of great salted lakes Mooliots . There are over 500 islands on this land, along with a few gulfs and deltas of rivers Mool- aresz and Mool- sumi, as the only tributaries. Because of the natural environment, male Szeliots were excellent hunters and fishermen while women were religious and, by respecting the goddesses Nairi and Olirion, were building temples in their honor. Man, guided by an adventurous spirit, were leaving to unknown territories and fought against giant Kerkyses, specters-guards of islands of Mooliots. Living as a tribe, Szeliots had great interest for nature so they were developing technology by which they have been creating artificially grown plants and animals, especially those that had been extinct.

From the year 3.8.7., the local climate started to escalate on the west of Maar and so many decided to go to the south and most settled closely to the area of the capital city Nair- Oliria. Szeliots were acting as a society of equal men and women, so in the year 3.9.0., they had established democratically organized society in which they were all participating in state, political, and other public affairs where they primarily had been deciding about general interests of society. In those times the majority of male Szeliots were mostly busy with trades and the manufacturing of weapons, and women as priestesses, were developing literature and were advancing culture. According to tradition, the goddess Olirion gave them the holy book Rakhorion as a gift and so the women were getting important roles in society and politics because of their religious aspect.

In the year 4.1.6., when a group of Szeliot warriors stumbled upon a group of Wee'zath warriors, with King Dysaa'rth in the lead, there was bloody battle going on beneath Horoy'talaz. Szeliots returned to Nair- Oliria, bringing the bloody heads of Wee'zaths as a gift to the goddesses. God Kuaw, thinking that goddesses did that to spite him and other Cuu'raths, decided to cast Nairi and Olirion out from the House of Cuu'rath. He drove them away to the galaxy Sythil and left them on the deserted planet Godar to spend eternity in disgrace. Hundreds of years were passing by in arduous wars between Wee'zaths and Szeliots. With moderate temper and exceptional skills, the Wee'zath Empire was growing more into military - political society in which king and commanders had crucial roles. Szeliots also had improved military technology, and women priestesses, although loosing political influence in society had improved knowledge in genetics.

After thousand of years of futile compromises and insignificant battles, the god Kuaw came to Godar where Nairi, dispirited, begged for forgiveness and for return to the House of Cuu'rath. Kuaw promised her that only under one condition; she had to destroy all male members of civilization Szeliot. Agreeing to that, Nairi went to the south of Maar and slaughtered all males. On return to home, Kuaw killed Nairi for desecrating the honor of a warrior. Olirion remained as the captive of the planet Godar. Under the order of Kuaw, Wee'zaths were determined to destroy Szeliots to the end, and so women, along with little girls, took military ships and decided to join goddess Olirion on Godar. They despised Nairi and male Szeliots whose reign created a civilization filled with wars, starvation and misery. And so, in 15.0.1., Priestess Avardeess decided to construct a society compiled only of women, a society that would be stable and productive. In 15.0.2., she established religiously-political order named Clearly Order with the Great Priestess in lead, along with the Council of Divine Priestesses and New- born priestesses as guards.

Crucial roles would have religion and laws ordered by that religion. Avardeess, as Great Priestess, erased the memory of past times and named new-born civilization Chulta Olirion, according to the place where the goddess Olirion was imprisoned.

First and publicly significant law "Birth of Olirio" was declared in 15.0.3., in which it was explicitly forbidden to give birth to male children. To help them in their aim, the goddess Olirion handed over to Avardeess a scroll of so called "Sacred birth. The scroll was helping them in performing a regulation of birth and in accurate selection of sex gender. They directed all means and skills towards development of semen, regulation of birth and at the end towards specification of female sex.

Till 15.0.5., the construction of the so called Chamber of "first contact was finished; that was the building where the whole mechanical process took place: from artificial production of semen, given by the multiplication from the cell of female bio-gene, to the creation of conception and endurance of pregnancy of 12 months, in other words, passage through the cycle of Mother Olirion.

During the time of that cycle, chosen ones lay down into the chambers of hibernation and, while embryos are under constant control, others are watching over health of both, mother and a child. During the 6. month of pregnancy, at progressive phase of connection between mother and child, they start to inject serum. That serum was periodically melted with a particular component which determines sexual gender and influences directly on development of female children. In that age of "The First Conceptio" there were lots of failures in the process of finalizing the sexual gender and in successful creation of healthy and living children. It was a "dark age, time of exile and murders of "sisters and their depraved children. Because of the cruelty of those murders which took place in a period 15.0.6.-16.1.0., mutinies had been increasing on the north of Godar, in district Bru-adan where the majority of female rebels were hiding in caves of mountain Zull-kaoy. In 16.2.0., female guards New- born Priestesses captured Neaveh, the leader of the rebels, and that was the end of those mutinies. Neaveh wrote "Book of Codes - the new code where equality of the sexes was pointed out along with the right for every child to be born.

During the age of "The Second Conceptio" (17.5.0.-18.9.0), the process of impregnation was considerably improved and also the frequency of giving birth of male children. In spite that process, the number of infertile women increased. They were taken to the planet Nekhmar where they were going through medical treatments and different stages of experiments over the years. 18. 6. 0., during the reign of Great Priestess Naa'gar, one generation of women gave birth to sexless children that were taken and imprisoned in centre Vunaar, a technologically developed complex with countless laboratories in the west wing and well fenced detentions guarded by New- born Priestesses.

New aims were to eradicate infertility and finally to stop the birth of male children. From the year of 18.8.8., Jantiis became the new Great Priestess, a priestess known by her righteousness and wisdom.

In 18.8.9., Sosztaar, one of the sexless descendants, successfully fled with a ship from Vunaar and, wandering through the system Gearborth, was caught and taken to planet Maar, to city Aa'rulth. King Nae'meth, knowing about the history of his nation, realized that one of the descendants of Szeliots was standing in front of him. They had pulled out all the information from Sosztaar, and after executing her, they went to the galaxy Sythil and started everlasting wars against Chulta Olirion.

The age of "The Third Conceptio" began in 18.9.0. and since then everything was invested in the creation and development of powerful female warriors that would possess a possibility to learn a great variety of different military skills.

I In 19.9.3., Great Priestess Jantiis found "Book of Codes of rebel Neaveh from the age of "The First Conceptio" and decided to visit centre Vunaar. Terrified by the sights, she returned to city Chulta Olirion and with help of her supporters, rushed into the centre Vunaar and released all prisoners by the end of the year. They escaped with ships to the planet Infineon into the area of swamps Wasperion. Triumphing over lord Woor-gaa, they got their new sanctuary and protection from serpentine guards Wirthgoobs. Jantiis formed Chulta of Infineon to whom "Book of Codes� ordered to restore equal value of life. Operating as an organized faction, Chulta of Infineon was constantly participating in rescuing women with male children, those infertile and sexless as well. Thyneeria, new Great Priestess of the Clearly Order, had reformed an army of guards and divided troops against Wee'zaths and Chulta of Infineon. She never accepted any negotiations with enemies so her primary aim was to get rid of an old enemy and a new one. From 20.0.0., Thyneeria, discovering a location of inhabitation of rebels, sended her best female warriors to Infineon, but they returned without any success. The wrath of battles still goes on.