CRE Chulah-1088b22f ful
General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe SPORE

The late-evolving Chulah is a humanoid-like creature that can be encountered within the SPORE Universe.


Chulahs are, in theory, semi-aquatic creatures with many features more closely akin to aquatic life rather than terrestrial life. Much of these include numerous funs along its back, legs, and arms, thick webbing along its three-fingered hands, and having blue tinted scales all over its body.

Although mostly found near water, they are still capable of moving very well on land, giving them access to resources in both water and land. This is mostly thanks to its long legs for long-distance running, and a highly adapted beak to crush hard-skinned and hard-shelled food items.

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