The Chronomyst are a deeply religious and philosophical race who spend much of their time in trance-like meditations exploring the inner space. When one with their god, Chronos, the Chronomyst float through time and space at a different rate than that experienced by those not ascended. They have discovered a way to use this to access star lanes and accelerate through them.

The Chronomyst are largely composed of organic optical components, and their intelligence consists of light rays bending and bouncing through their internal lenses and mirrors. Bright light heightens their mental acuity and allows them to focus more deeply in their communion with Chronos.

Chronomyst society is unstructured. There is a never-ending gathering called The Conclave where individual Chronomyst come and go, reflecting light rays, defining and communicating the evolution of their culture and beliefs. The Conclave of the Chronomyst is one of the wondrous sights of the universe: a never-ending, intricate dance of colored light that every Chronomyst joins for some part of its lifetime.

Starting NarrativeEdit

At The Conclave it becomes obvious that the Chronomyst have developed a strong need to follow the light of the stars. The will of Chronos is clear and bright.
Your light shines vividly at The Conclave. Guide the Chronomyst in their quest.

Special AbilityEdit

Lane Travelers: The Chronomyst can change the rate of time passage. You can move quickly through star lanes.

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