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A Chozo Ghost, known collectively as "The Turned" by the Chozo, is a Chozo spirit that has gone insane due to Phazon Corruption. They begin to appear near religious sites in the Chozo Ruins once Samus begins to assemble "The Cipher", a collection of artifacts that can unlock the gate to the Impact Crater.


Long ago, a Chozo colony on Tallon IV had achieved spiritual enlightenment and ascended to a higher plane of existence, shedding their corporeal forms and leaving to the next world. However, a Phazon Leviathan that had landed on the planet pulled the Chozo back to Tallon. They bore witness to the ravages of what they called "The Great Poison", also known as Phazon, which gradually killed all in its wake and corrupted what did not die. They had also seen "The Worm", better known as Metroid Prime, which resided at the source of the Phazon infestation. Alarmed by the danger, they constructed a temple to halt the spread of the Great Poison, and hid several artifacts across Tallon that would open the way to The Worm. By the time they had finished, however, the Phazon had already rooted itself onto the planet, and even the Chozo themselves began to fall ill to the corrupting effects of Phazon. Many of their number had gone mad from Phazon Corruption. As time passed, all of the remaining Chozo spirits were transformed into the monstrous wraiths, awaiting a tragic release from their tormented existence.


Chozo Ghosts are ethereal beings that haunt the ruins on Tallon IV. They travel primarily in groups of three, searching for prey. They appear in areas of religious significance in the Chozo Ruins and the Tallon Overworld.

When a pack of Chozo Ghosts attack, the lights in the room go out and the ghosts appear in the room as three gaseous orbs. The ghosts then manifest themselves in the form of pale, wraithlike Chozo. They attack by throwing powerful energy bolts and phasing in and out of dimensions when moving. They are immune to elemental attacks (Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam), and can only be harmed with the Power Beam (or its charge combo, the Super Missile). When they are invisible, the X-Ray Visor can track them.