The Choodey Bandrall are an alien species native to a planet near Homeworld.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Choodey Bandrall are big strapping grey skinned bipeds with feature arthropod-like mandibles. On their backs they possess two long feelers emerging on their backs. They appear to be carnivores.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Choodey Bandrall homeworld was attacked by a God-Star. Many of the Choodey Bandrall attempted to fight it but in the end their world was destroyed. The surviving Choodey Bandrall managed to make their way to the Harmonious Free's Homeworld seeking refuge. Driven by shame in not protecting their world, the remaining Choodey Bandrall ruled the Grey Area turning their aggression on the other alien occupants.

When Adam Bulliet and his ETC team arrived on Homeworld they got the remaining Choodey Bandrall on their side when the revealed that another God-Star was coming to the planet. The Choodey Bandrall learning that the humans actually killed on decided to join forces and regain their honor.

Though they initially proposed a prison break the Choodey Bandrall were convinced to allow the humans to convince the Harmonious Free of the danger. Once the Elite were convinced the Harmonious Free authorized force to remove the beached God-Star drone. One of the Choodey Bandrall was part of the strike team to attack the entity and fought off the defending Angels however they were rebuffed and had to retreat as the Harmonious Free used Sanctum Weapons,weapons of mass destruction, to attack the creature but were ineffective.

When the team returned to Grey Area, the Angels like vermin sought new sources of food and attacked the facility. The Choodey Bandrall then joined the Harmonious Free and the other races of Grey Area in its defense. After the group succeeded one of the Choodey Bandrall offered to commensurate a wedding for Bulliet and Birdy.

However with the human of a human empath and the Elite of the Harmonious Free they managed to fool the God-Star in thinking the planet was another of its kind forcing it to flee from the psychic illusion. Later after the Congruence received the distress call from the planet and eliminated the creature the Choodey Bandrall were them relocated.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Choodey Bandrall are a warrior race. They are holy warriors, worshiping Almighty Gorg, and their lives are devoted to his adoration which essentially involves acts of violence.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Another Day on the Job by Abnett and Harrison (2015)
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