The Chinorr are a race of cephalopods native to the once tropical planet of Chicora.

Molluscoid massive 11

Chinorr anatomy is humanoid in certain parts but the species mostly use their tentacle appendages for locomotion and interaction with objects. The Chinorr use their "face tentacles" to grab food objects and pushes it towards it mouth hole the same way a terrestrial octopus does. Their tentacles were lined with an especially potent nerve toxin left over from a primitive time when they would swing through trees with their tentacles and ambush prey from above as solitary predators.

Once the Chinorr began to create cities and armies their heavy industrial spirit became apparent. They ruthlessly exploited their planet's resources and destroyed any hope of the planet renewing itself. By the time they had split the atom, the once lush tropical forests of Chicora were long gone. The Chinorr as a whole believed it to be a necessary sacrifice in their seemingly never ending quest for knowledge and industry.

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