The Chinkos were an alien species from Galaxy 2, that were enslaved and rendered extinct by the Psychlos.

Biology Edit

Chinkos were said to be as tall as Psychlos but thread-thin and delicate. They were air breathers and feather-light.

Culture and society Edit

The Chinkos were an old race, and were patient teachers. They were known to have taught the Psychlos all they knew of cultural arts. As slaves they were easy to transport and cheap. But that was long after their culture and ethnology departments had been vacated and in disuse. The Psychlos still miss their bureaucratic skills and data collecting. Much of their techniques are still used in teaching primitive slave races.

History Edit

Enslaved by the Psychlos, the Chinkos served as technicians and scholars for Intergalactic. They served as bureaucrats in the culture and ethnology department, or C and E.

However, their end came after having initiated a strike. In response, Intergalactic wiped them out.

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