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Chimera Sui Generi, also known as Chimerans or Vilgaxians, are a species from the planet Vilgaxia.



Chimera Sui Generi are a green-skinned humanoid species with long squid-like tendrils on their heads. Most females have them on the top of their heads, while males have them on their chins or all around their heads; resembling hair or beards, respectively.


Chimera Sui Generi have at least shown to be able to consume meat and crustaceans.

Powers and abilities

Chimerans have incredible strength, being able to break free from Lepidopterran goo, stop an Arburian Pelarota in sphere form, and lift Cascans, Florauna, and Chronians with their bare hands. Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than Tetramands, Vaxasaurians, and Zaroffians.[1]

Chimerans possess enhanced durability, being able to make a Petrosapien shatter their arms, as well as make Galvans injure themselves. They can also easily withstand a Crystalsapien's lasers.

Chimerans have fireproof skin, being able to withstand a Methanosian's fire blasts. They can even survive an intense heatwave generated by a Pyronite without visible damage.

Chimerans possess enhanced reflexes and agility, being able to stop species such as Kinecelerans, Citrakayahs, and Skidmarx's Species at full-speed and sneak up on an Oryctini.

Chimerans appear to be quite intelligent, as Myaxx was one of Azmuth's assistants and helped him make the Omnitrix and the cloaking field for Xenon.

Certain Chimerans can shapeshift their arms into powerful tentacles and project powerful laser beams from their eyes, which can burn Ectonurites and catch up with a Kineceleran.


Despite their enhanced strength, Chimerans are physically weaker than their leader Vilgax. There is also limit to how much damage a Chimeran can take before being overwhelmed.

A Chimeran's optical lasers can be absorbed by an energy-absorbing species, such as a Fulmini. They can also be deflected by certain metals, such as a To'kustar's natural armor.

As stated by Myaxx, Chimerans are not naturally built for space, meaning that they need oxygen to breath.

Chimerans as are vulnerable to electricity, such as the Omni-Enhanced energy generated by a Fulmini.

Chimerans can experience fear in the presence of Toepick's Species.[1]

Culture and society

The citizens of Vilgaxia have their own opinions over whether their leader Vilgax is a hero. However, nobody has voiced their thoughts publicly for sure.[2]

According to Emperor Milleous, capturing Vilgax could demoralize the people of Vilgaxia enough to make them surrender to the Incurseans. However, when Vilgax succeeded in escaping Plumber custody, the Chimerans put up such a fight that the Incursean invaders were forced to retreat.

Chimerans view using their tentacles as childish and impolite.[3]



  • The Omnitrix's Chimera Sui Generis representative is named Gax, who first appeared in the reboot episode "Omni-Tricked: Part 1".
    • The Omnitrix from the original Ben 10 continuity contained Chimera Sui Generis DNA obtained from Vilgax. However, Ben Tennyson was unable to discover this form because the power surge on the Chimerian Hammer removed the DNA sample from the Omnitrix during the original series episode "Secrets". While Ben wore the original Ultimatrix, it did not contain Chimeran Sui Generis DNA.[2][4]
  • The Chimera Sui Generi's home planet was originally named Murray before it was later renamed Vilgaxia after their champion Vilgax.
  • It has been confirmed that the Sentinel who resided in Perplexahedron was not a Chimeran Sui Generis.[2]
  • In the original series, it was stated that most Chimera Sui Generi were trained from birth for combat[5] and craved any chance for it.[6] This has been retconned in Alien Force, as Vilgax states in the episode "Ghost Town" that most of his race are innocent people.
    • It was also believed that female Chimera Sui Generi have a dark "beauty mark" somewhere on their center face tentacle.[6] This has also been retconned in Alien Force, as none of the female Chimera Sui Generi seen on-screen have any "beauty marks".
  • The ability for a Chimera Sui Generis' arms to divide into tentacles was inspired from the crew joking on how Vilgax's depiction in the original continuity looked as if he were a squid that wrapped its tentacles up to pretend to be humanoid.[3]
    • The crew behind the reboot series liked the idea so much they went back and re-storyboarded all of the fight scenes in the multi-part episode "Omni-Tricked" to implement it despite their arm being broken at the time.[3]


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