Chimera Sui Generis
Vil and Gax
General Information
Other Names Chimeran
Homeworld Vilgaxia
Height 2-3.50 meters
Locomotion Bipedal (incomplete form)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Chimera Sui Generis, also known as Chimerans or Vilgaxians, are a species from the planet Vilgaxia.


Chimera Sui Generis are a green-skinned humanoid species with long squid-like tendrils on their heads. Most females have them on their head, while males have them on their chin or all around their head to resemble hair or beards, respectively.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chimeras have incredible natural strength, agility, and durability. They can project powerful laser beams from their eyes, though only Vilgax and his genetic copy Gax have displayed this ability.

Chimeras have the ability to transform into large octopus-like creatures at will, though it would likely be useful only in water-based environments. They also have shapeshifting arms that can transform into powerful tentacles.

Chimerans are possibly quite intelligent, as Myaxx was one of Azmuth's assistants and helped him make the Omnitrix and the cloaking field for Xenon. Meanwhile, Vilgax displays high levels of expertise with the Omnitrix as well as having a vast army of drones that he may have made himself.

According to Rouleau, Chimerans can to speak to and through his DNA, which was allowed Vilgax to talk to Upgrade when he was merged with Rojo.

Omnitrix Transformation Edit

The Omnitrix's Chimera Sui Generis representative is named Gax, who first appeared in the reboot episode "Omni-Tricked: Part 1".

According to Dwayne McDuffie and Duncan Rouleau, the Omnitrix from the original Ben 10 continuity contains a Chimera Sui Generis DNA and its genetic donor is none other than Vilgax. However, Rouleau says, Ben was unable to discover this form because the power surge on the Chimerian Hammer removed the DNA sample from the Omnitrix during the original series episode "Secrets". McDuffie has also stated that the Ultimatrix did not contain Chimeran Sui Generis DNA.



  • The Chimera Sui Generi's home planet was originally named Murray before it was later renamed Vilgaxia, after their champion Vilgax.
  • Despite Gax no longer being accessible in the reboot Omnitrix's active playlist, there is proof that his DNA still remains inside the watch. During Dr. Animo's transformation into an Appoplexian, what appear to be Chimera Sui Generis tentacles can be seen.

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