Chickens are a flightless avian race found within Morning Land, and the dominating lifeform of the World of the Chickens.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Physically, Chickens seem to mirror their Earth counterparts, similar to the Crows. They have white feathers, with a red crest on top of their heads, similar to a rooster. Juveniles look very similar to Chicks.

Though Chickens do wear clothing, they don't possess a more humanoid form as do the Crows.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

Chickens as a whole are a peaceful race, and aren't good at fighting.

Chicken society is ruled by what is called a Chicken Elder, who are the leaders over various regions of Morning Land. They are in charge of bringing morning to the World of the Chickens with a hearty "cock-a-doodle-do". Failure to do so will result in pitting their world into complete darkness.

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