General Information
Homeworld Troy
Weight Quadrupedal
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

The Cheyrek is a creature native to Troy.

Biology Edit

Massive and stocky, armed with terrifically sharp teeth, the Cheyreks are very intelligent animals. Like the man, the Cheyrek is omnivorous, despite a clear predilection for meat. In the wild, it feeds both roots and various critters, swallowed all round or not, it depends on their size. The Cheyreks live according to a social organization which evolves according to the age of the animal. Raised in a horde of twenty individuals, the young male must leave the group in his second year. He is then a solitary hunter and he must try to assert his dominion over another horde by provoking the dominant male. The mortality rate of young males is therefore not negligible.

In addition, captured Cheyreks can sometimes be tamed. It is a long and difficult job, and a domestic Cheyrek is a luxury that few men can afford. On the other hand, the animal then becomes a formidable companion, of implacable violence and cruelty when defending its master.

Appearance Edit

  • Lanfeust of Troy #3 - The Gold-Azure Castle (1996)
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