Alien Species

The Chevin were a race of elephant-like humanoids that hailed from the planet Vinsoth. As a people, the Chevin were known to be aggressive opportunists, pursuing personal advancement at every turn.

Physically, the Chevin were among the most distinctive of races. They were distinguished they their long heads, which sat at the end of a thick neck that curved downward, allowing them to forage for food without having to bend over. This gave them the ability to graze while keeping a watchful eye out for predators. Some Chevin had large facial tusks which impeded their vocal abilities. The body of a Chevin was covered by thick, grey skin that allowed them to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. This helped them survive the seasonal migrations they made across their homeworld.

The Chevin were known as adroit hunters, working in teams to corner and kill their prey. Over the generations, the Chevin came to dominate the planet Vinsoth, and eventually enslaved the Chevs.

Many Chevin "villages" wandered across the surface of the planet, migrating with the seasons to maintain food supplies and avoid the harsh weather.

The Chevin society was overseen by continental dictators and their chosen advisors, and this leadership supported the New Order during the reign of Emperor Palpatine.